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13 Jan 2021 02:58 #24 by WilliamR
Never too high, never too low. It’s a simple statement, but one that can’t be ignored.

Most of those problems for Toronto -- despite Boston's offensive explosion in Monday's game -- are a byproduct of the Raptors' own offensive woes. Minnesota Timberwolves Face Masks

TV Channel: Wizards vs. Celtics will be broadcast on NBC Sports Washington (NBC Sports Channel Finder) 

Nba Face Masks For Sale

It’s an aggravating stance to take, since Shaq is, by all accounts, a very generous and likable person otherwise. If he’s worried about his legacy being threatened by the likes of Rudy Gobert, he should take a step back and realize that if he were to be a mentor to these prominent big men, it might enhance his reputation and his standing, making it even more unlikely he’d ever be forgotten — which was already an impossibility for one of the greatest players to ever live. New Orleans Pelicans Face Masks

Committing 12 are fewer turnovers would bode well for the Warriors, especially considering the Pacers are very good at limiting their turnovers. Only four teams commit fewer than their 13.5 per game. Chicago Bulls Face Masks

Zach Zarba lives in New York and didn’t have to get on a plane until his fourth game of the season, after opening in Brooklyn and then being crew chief for Knicks’ home games on consecutive nights last week with Scott Wall working alongside him in both of those games. Phoenix Suns Face Masks

After fighting various injuries to start the season, Lonzo found himself back in the starting lineup for good on Dec. 23, 2019, against the Portland Trail Blazers. It was in that game when he caught a tip dunk in the third quarter, a moment he said felt as though he was finally free of his preseason injuries.

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