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9.90 €/Year

Install the Encryption-App Office Edition to your Windows PC or Notebook. You may use the software for private purpose or business. You can store and manage all your access codes for webpages, databases, ftp-servers, banking accounts and much more with the Encryption-App. Your data will be stored locally, therefore you do not need a constant internet connection to access your passwords.


Update service: Our programming team is constantly working on updates for the Encryption-App, including bug fixes, security improvements and new functions! This service is included when you buy the Encryption-App Office Edition License. You can also enter our Beta Program to try newest functions before they become officially published.

Backup service: We offer this service to all Encryption-App user. You may store an encrypted backup of your data totally safe to our cloud server, where nobody can access it, not even our staff.

Backup service available 2019

Premium support: The Forum is a great way to get help and information, but sometimes it is necessary to get in touch with a Senior Advisor to solve problems. 


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windows 10 compatible Windows 8 compatible windows 7 compatible

Soon avalable for macOS Sierra

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 What is the Encryption-App? How does it work?

This software is made for you to easily safe your access codes securly and organized. The passwords you save are secured with a master-key which will define upon first start. This master-key will be the only password you'll have to remember. Your passwords and access codes will be saved to a database located on your local computer. This database won't leave your computer unless you use our backup service to upload an encrypted safety backup to our cloud servers. Don't hesitate to contact our support in case of further questions or doubts about our software.


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If you are using our Encryption-App as a professional (e.g. as webmaster) you might have hundreds of access codes of your clients stored. You may transmit any password or access code safely by email to  friends, family or clients. These codes will be added as encrypted code to your mail and the receiving person may open, read and store this acces code by using our totally free Password Viewer. You only need to send an additional secutity key with a different method like phone, SMS or any messenger for your client to be able to open the encrypted file.



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